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Docket: 00N-1396 - Premarket Notice Concerning Bioengineered Foods
Comment Number: EC -49

Accepted - Volume 17

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Commentor Mr. John Fitch Date/Time 2001-02-04 15:51:01
Organization Mr. John Fitch
Category Individual

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I believe it is our right as human beings to know what is in our foods, and I request that all genetically engineered foods be clearly labeled. And, that labeling on all foods that are genetically engineered be mandatory. I also believe that GE foods should be thoroughly tested for safety before being released onto the market. Furthermore,I object to genetically modified plants being released into the environment without testing because once new life forms are released they are impossible to recall and their germ lines will mix with natural species and will cause unknown effects which cannot be reversed.

EC -49