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Docket: 00D-1598 - Voluntary Labeling Indicating Whether Foods Have Been Developed Using Bioengineering
Comment Number: EC -123

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Commentor Mrs. Beth Shea Date/Time 2001-02-12 21:50:48
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1. General Comments I am so very thankful for all that you people do. I don't usually write or complain, but my son has a life threatening allergy to nuts (all kinds) among other food allergies. I wanted to write to express my concern over an article I just read relating to this subject in the Discovery magazine. It said that the bioengineered protein is the same as that found in nuts and shouldn't cause any allergy related reactions. SHOULDN'T!? Can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ensure this won't happen? I'm absolutely terrified. I only have one child and we cannot have another. I'd hate to let him have a corn chip and not know that it was made from one of these crops only to find out it actually does cause the same reaction as that of nuts. He will and has almost died before from a pathetically small amount. I don't know what else to say on this subject other than, please really think this one out before letting it go public without letting the consumer have control over picking and choosing based on labeling. I, the parent, would like to have the control over feeding my child something that shouldn't kill him. (Lordy that sounds aweful doesn't it?) I'd prefer not letting him go into a full blown ginea pig trial like we seem to be letting happen with people that have this allergy. If I am way off base, and you have written material that clinically proves there is no chance that he'll have a deathly reaction, PLEASE let me know ASAP. My husband and I are sick over this. Also, we need to know if we need to start farming our own food. (ha!) If this is all true I'd like to ask the FDA to standardize some sort of labeling for nut allergies or at least for this new crop type so for families like us it's easier to go through the super market and above all safer. It takes me approx. 1 1/2 to 2 hours each trip since I have to read each lable each trip because you never know when a company is going to suddenly add peanuts. (Ex: Pepperidge Farm, Goldfish - so sad they had to add that in. My son loved that snack.) Thank you and God bless all of you at the FDA. I do sincerely appreciate ALL of your hard work to keep things safer for us all - especially my only child (5 1/2 years old).

EC -123