From: Ann Huntington []
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2000 11:49 AM
To:; chris mini
Subject: GE foods
I am appalled at the irresponsible handling of genetically engineered foods in this country. I demand to know what exactly I am putting into my body.  I will not be a guinea pig for corporate profits.
All GE foods must be labeled.
Mandatory pre-market testing and environmental review must be carried out.
I demand a moratorium on all GE foods until these requirements are met.  I believe that this is the FDA's job.
These genetically engineered foods are a major point of concern for noted scientists.  I have reviewed studies which show that GE foods can create unexpected toxins, antibiotic resistance, allergies.  No research whatsoever has been done on the nutritional value of these foods. 
They should never have been classified as " GRAS", or generally recognized as safe.  In no way are we safe eating or growing these "foods".  Please do your job and protect the American public and not the corporate monetary agenda.