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Docket: 00D-1598 - Voluntary Labeling Indicating Whether Foods Have Been Developed Using Bioengineering
Comment Number: EC -51

Accepted - Volume 17

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Commentor Ms. Lorie Wood Date/Time 2001-02-02 19:07:24
Organization Ms. Lorie Wood
Category Individual

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments As a consumer, I don't purchase or eat fat free dairy products because I don't know what kind of chemicals they have used as a replacement for the fats that these products usually contain or are made of. I am equally very concerned about the decreasing biodiversity of our agricultural products. I am not looking forward to the day when our available agricultural products are contaminated with various chemicals and genetically altered to a point where it is considered normal. Be it chemically or genetically altered, anything less than totally natural should be considered abnormal and unnatural and these alterations should be made available to the public. I, along with many other consumers, would like to have as much information as possible regarding the alteration of the food products that my family is eating. To hide information of this sort takes away the right of the people to choose whether or not they wish to consume such products. Just as chemical additions are listed on food items, genetic additions should be also.

EC -51