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Docket: 00P-1322 - Food Safety and Food Labeling; Presence and Labeling of Allergens in Food
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Commentor Mrs. Rhonda King Date/Time 2001-07-31 13:09:34
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9. Add any general comments on food allergen labeling for the eight most common food allergens. My 13 year old son, Chris, has been allergic to mustard since he was a baby. This would seem to be an easy allergen to avoid. However, we soon found that anything that says spices may contain mustard. It seems that over the years, more and more companies are using spices in place of listing actual ingredients on their products. Many companies that I contact to try to asertain exact ingredients state that they don't know for sure what's in an item, or some companies (such as Campbell's soups)state that ingredients in their soups can vary from batch to batch. Is this what any of us want to eat? My son is also allergic to peanuts. It has become very common for many products to say, may contain peanut traces. I certainly appreciate knowing this, but wonder why companies cannot run items without nuts seperately to avoid this danger. Thanks so much for this forum. I hope that changes can be made to help my son, and others open up their diets. Rhonda King

EC -1