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Docket: 00P-1322 - Food Safety and Food Labeling; Presence and Labeling of Allergens in Foods
Registration Number: EAPE -41

Accepted - Volume 16

Registration for Food Safety and Food Labeling; Presence and Labeling of Allergens in Foods
Name Dr. Lise C. Borel
Organization The National Latex Allergy Network (ELASTIC Inc.)

1. Brief statement of the general nature of the views you wish to present. Latex Glove Use by Food Handlers: The Hidden Food Allergen. When the original regulation establishing natural rubber latex as an approved indirect food additive in 1963, latex protein allergy was virtually unheard of. Increased use of latex, most notably, latex gloves, to prevent infectious diseases has been followed by an increase in the number of people affected by latex allergy. At least 2.3 million Americans are affected by latex protein allergy. The prevalent use of latex gloves by food handlers results in the contamination of foods by latex allergens. Research demonstrates that natural rubber latex gloves used by food handlers, from farm to table, are a direct source of food adulteration caused by the migration of allergenic proteins from the glove surface to food products. When a person with latex protein allergy comes into contact with or ingests food that has been handled by latex gloves, that individual is at risk for an allergic reaction. Due to food and food preparation and serving surface contamination, latex gloves, must be declared an unsuitable utensil for any use associated within the food industry.
2. The names and address of all persons who will participate in the presentation. Lise C. Borel DMD P.O. Box 2228 West Chester, PA 19380
3. Approximate time that you request to make your presentation. 5 minutes
4. Special Accommodations required. Please specify. latex-safe environment - no latex balloons, no latex gloves for any food handling or preparation - thanks!!

EAPE -41