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Docket: 00N-1256 - Over-the-Counter Products
Comment Number: EC -76

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Commentor Ms. KimBoo York Date/Time 2000-06-29 12:47:29
Organization Ms. KimBoo York
Category Individual

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments First off, let me thank the FDA for allowing public citizens such as myself to speak out about this very important issue. I am currently unemployed, as is my husband. While, as professionals with solid backgrounds, we expect this situation to be a short, temporary one, in the meantime our budget is very fixed and very tight. When we were covered by medical insurance, I could afford both the doctors visits and the perscription costs associated with my need for Claritin D sinus/allergy medication. I could also afford the full-price of my anti-pregnancy pill (as, I'm sure you know, most insurance companies will not cover the costs of the Pill). Now, however, I can afford neither. Since I ran out of my Claritin perscription, I have gotten two sinus infections in as many months. This adversely affects my ability to search for a job. However, if Claritin D were OTC at a reduced cost, I would have access to it. I should not need to inform you of the effects of running out of my perscription for the Pill. While my husband and I practice safe sex, it is always a great concern to us that the odds will run against us, resulting in a very unwanted and expensive pregnancy. Please do not let the pharmacuitical companies bully the FDA in this matter. It is not simply whether I have a sinus headache or not, but it involves issues that affect many lives. If such medicines are available as OTC in other countries, and there have been no serious abuse of the drugs in those countries, then there is no logical reason to keep these medicines out of the reach of US citizens. Thank you very much for your time. - KimBoo York

EC -76