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Docket: 00N-1256 - Over-the-Counter Products
Comment Number: EC -50

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Commentor Ms. Nora Murphy Date/Time 2000-06-28 01:38:17
Organization Ms. Nora Murphy
Category Individual

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I agree that many drugs need to be classed as OTCs. Since the advent of HMOs, doctors do NOT treat patients. They are given bonuses based on how much treatment they DO NOT perform. I am apalled at the quality of health care in this country today. I can almost believe that Third World countries get better care than North Americans get. Probably because when North American doctors do 'pro bono good deeds' in other countries there is a great deal of attendant publicity for them. I do not mean this to sound cynical. I actually think it reflects the way medical care has gone. The HMO was the worst thing to ever happen, in my opinion. Some doctors still try to give good medical care. My doctor does, but each time he orders a drug I need some clerk at an HMO tells him he cannot prescribe it. Instead, he has to prescribe something in the same family as what I need. Well, I can tell you that the same family does not mean doodly squat. We all know people with siblings, in the same family, and sometimes those siblings are murderers while the rest are upright citizens. My sisters and brothers - in the same family - are as different from me as night is to day. The same family drugs do NOT work for me. I had been through all of them before, and finally found one that did work. But, it is not on the formulary of my HMO. So, I can go to Mexico and buy Ventolin or I can continue to suffer status asthmaticus attacks that cost my medical provider well over $5000 each time I am put in hospital for 4 days. The HMOs are a joke. Medical care through HMOs are a joke. The only ones not laughing at the joke are me and my doctor. Did the FDA stop to consider WHY many people prefer to treat themselves nowadays? I can just about guarantee it is because when they are treating themselves they are at least getting SOME KIND of treatment. I do it myself, and help out friends/relatives but, thank goodness, I have had formal medical training. I am not a doctor but I know a lot and it comes in handy. I know of people in Tucson who have broken bones and cannot get an appointment to get them set for a week or more. I thought the person was kidding - and was very depressed to realize that he was not. A recent survey put North America at 37th in medical care. I am surprised it is that high a number, based on my experiences with HMOs. HMOs have no interest in the patients who are forced into their groups. When it comes to medical care, either a person is in an HMO or they get no medical care at all. I think that is an aphorism. Anyway, give the American public a break. If we can't get what we need through the HMOs, at least let us have the opportunity to get it OTC. There will be less trauma to the average person by purchasing OTC than by trying to get a med from an HMO that will not allow it. And give the American public a little credit for brains. Except for those poor souls who would ingest or otherwise insert into their systems anything that they think would get them high, most people are CAREFUL about what they put into their bodies as far as medical drugs are concerned. People want to get better, not worse. Most people educate themselves on what conditions they have and what treatments are best for those conditions. Putting meds on OTC at least gives us a fighting chance to have a healthy life. Sincerely, Nora Murphy.

EC -50