Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 5:24 PM
Subject: POLITICS are more important than patientsDocket number:  00P-1499/CP1 Hello Jane Henney or whoever else it may concern at the FDA responsible for LOTRONEX being pulled off the market.  I might not be the smartest pharmacist in America, but I know that the whole story was not released to the press today.  You let Sid Wolfe have his way and forgot about all the patients who benefited from LOTRONEX.  He gets on CBS NEWS talking about the deaths associated with LOTRONEX. Why don't you pull VIAGRA off the market which has killed over 130 people confirmed.  While LOTRONEX might not be appropriate for certain patients it is a shame that the FDA does not care about the DIBS (Diarrhea-IBS) patient types. I learned in pharmacy school about how good the FDA was at monitoring adequate products, but obviously I was mislead and you, part of the government CAN NOT be trusted.  You obviously failed AMERICANS today suffering from DIBS like myself and who knows where else, yet you still allow VIAGRA to be available.  Not to mention how you allow people to buy VIAGRA on with a credit card. Thanks for nothing! PISSED OFF DIBS PATIENT and CLINICAL PHARMACIST!