From: Scott Ferich []
Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 1:00 PM
Subject: ppa unsafe?
I am extremely displeased with the FDA's continued attacks on the dietary supplement market with respect to weight loss aids such as PPA and Ephedrine.  Nothing can be absolutely safe.  Responsibility has to be taken with all products, including diet aids.  It is not the FDA's responsibility to make all of my dietary product options 100% safe.  If it were, then why are you not addressing the safety of OTC NSAIDS like aspirin with valid proof of many deaths per year?  Also, if Ephedrine and it's alkaloids are so dangerous, then why were OTC products like Primatene tablets and Sudaphed not targeted by the FDA?  It makes me, along with many others that I know, suspicious of the FDA's motives and seriously reduces it's credibility.  I have been forced, by the FDA's questionable actions, to join the growing number of informed citizens who will push to change the FDA from a regulatory agency to an advisory agency.  Pure food laws and credible information/education are what citizens need for their safety, not irresponsible agencies regulating our lives at their whim.
Scott Ferich
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