From: Claes Moose []
Sent: Friday, November 17, 2000 8:15 PM
Subject: PPA
Dear Sir/Madam
I just got aware that you, the FDA, are planning to withdraw PPA from the OTC market. I would very much appreciate if you could inform me why you're planning to do so. My first thought was money, make it a prescription drug and make a lot more profit?? Hopefully you're above that. You are supposed to watch out for public safety regarding drugs. Why not look into some drugs that are a real danger to public health: aspirin, nicotine, alcohol  etc, etc
How many have been hosptalized from use of PPA compared  with use of aspirin, alcohol and nicotine?
Or maybe that is too much for you to handle?? I guess you're just too timid to "disturb" the tobacco- and "booze"industry.
Looking forward to your reply
Claes Martinsson
Jomtien, Thailand