ESPS2 : Demographics (modified ITT)


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ESPS2 : Demographics (modified ITT)

ESPS2: Carotid Endarterectomy (modified ITT)

ESPS2: Primary Endpoint - Stroke

ESPS2 : Secondary Efficacy Endpoint - Non-fatal first stroke

ESPS2: Secondary Efficacy Endpoint - Fatal First Stroke

ESPS2: Stroke with respect to qualifying event

ESPS2: Primary Efficacy Endpoint - Death

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ESPS2:Secondary Efficacy Endpoint - Stroke and Death

ESPS2: Subcategory Contributions-Stroke and Death

ESPS2: Secondary Endpoint - First stroke Handicap Based on a modified Rankin scale

ESPS2: First-Stroke Handicap Categories

ESPS2: First-Stroke Handicap Categories-Modified Rankin Scale of First Stroke

ESPS2:First Non-fatal Stroke Handicap Categories

ESPS2: Secondary Endpoint-Transient Ischemic Attack

ESPS2: Transient Ischemic Attack- Pairwise analysis

ESPS2: Secondary Endpoint TIA by Qualifying Event

ESPS2: First Ischemic Event

ESPS2: First Ischemic Event-Pairwise Analysis

ESPS2: Other Vascular Event by Type of Vascular Event

ESPS2: Adverse Events

ESPS2: Treatment Cessation

ESPS2: Treatment Cessation due to medication side effects

ESPS2: Serious Adverse Events

ESPS2: SAE Hemorrhage and Bleeds

ESPS2:SAE Deaths due to Ulcers and/or bleeds during treatment

U88-0473 and ESPS1 Trials

Author: farrella