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Dockets Management

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Food and Drug Administration

Pediatric Advisory Committee Meeting

March 25, 2008 (#2008-4344)

Cover Memo Murphy (pdf)

Brevibloc Safety Review Nov 2007 (pdf)
Brevibloc Safety Review Feb 2005 (pdf)
Brevibloc Use Review (pdf)
Brevibloc Label (pdf)

Toprol XL BPCA Clinical Summary (pdf)
Toprol XL BPCA Clinical Pharm Summary (pdf)
Toprol XL Safety Review Aug 2007 (pdf)
Toprol XL Safety Review Nov 2007 (pdf)
Toprol XL Use Review (pdf)
Toprol XL Label (pdf)

Lotensin Safety Review Nov 2007 (pdf)
Lotensin Safety Review Feb 2005 (pdf)
Lotensin Use Review (pdf)
Lotensin Label (pdf)

Coreg BPCA Clinical Summary (pdf)
Coreg BPCA Clinical Pharm Summary (pdf)
Coreg Safety Review (pdf)
Coreg Use Review (pdf)
Coreg Label (pdf)

Colazal BPCA Clinical Summary (pdf)
Colazal BPCA Clinical Pharm Summary (pdf)
Colazal Safety Review (pdf)
Colazal Use Review (pdf)
Colazal Label (pdf)

Celebrex BPCA Clinical Summary (pdf)
Celebrex BPCA Clinical Pharm Summary (pdf)
Celebrex Safety Review (pdf)
Celebrex Use Review from Arthritis AC (pdf)
Celebrex Use Review (pdf)
Celebrex Label (pdf)

Suprane BPCA Clinical Summary (pdf)
Suprane Safety Review (pdf)
Suprane Use Review (pdf)
Suprane Label (pdf)

Eloxatin BPCA Clinical Summary (pdf)
Eloxatin BPCA Clinical Pharm Summary (pdf)
Eloxatin Safety Review (pdf)
Eloxatin Use Review (pdf)
Eloxatin Label (pdf)

Trileptal Healthcare Professional Notice (pdf)
Trileptal FDA Alert (pdf)
Trileptal Updat (pdf)

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