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Food and Drug Administration

Pediatric Advisory Committee

November 16, 2006


Overview, Diane Murphy, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Linezolid, Alan Shapiro, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Rosiglitazone, Lisa Mathis, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Ondansetron, Felicia Collins, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Citalopram, Lisa Mathis, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Citalopram, Lisa Jones, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Oxcarbazepine, Felicia Collins, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Oxcarbazepine, Evelyn Mentari, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Tamiflu, Johann-Liang, FDA (ppt) (htm)

FDA Labeling Initiatives, Masucci, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Ritonavir, Alan Shapiro, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Sirolimus, Alan Shapiro, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Ertapenem, Alan Shapiro, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Gemcitabine, Alan Shapiro, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Glimepiride, Lisa Mathis, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Insulin Aspart Recombinant, Lisa Mathis, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Meloxicam, Lisa Mathis, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Oxybutynin, Lisa Mathis, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Atorvastatin, Jean Temeck, FDA (ppt) (htm)

Simvastatin, Jean Temeck, FDA (ppt) (htm)

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