General Hospital and Personal Use Devices Panel


Tuesday, August 9, 2005



Charles E. Edmiston, Jr, PhD

Associate Professor of Surgery

Associate Professor of Pathology

Medical College of Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Scott A. Colburn, BSN, RN, LT, USPHS

General Hospital & Personal Use Devices Panel

Office of Device Evaluation

Center for Devices & Radiological Health

Food & Drug Administration



Matthew J. Arduino, DR. PH.

Chief, Environmental &Applied Microbiology

Epidemiology & Laboratory Branch

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Atlanta, Georgia


Richard O. Butcher, MD

Family Physician

Care View Medical Group

San Diego, California


Yadin B. David, ED.D.


Biomedical Engineering Department

Texas Children’s Hospital

Houston, Texas


Bonnie M. Word M.D.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Baylor College of Medicine

Texas Children's Hospital

Clinical Care Center

Houston, Texas


Terry Layton, PhD.

Industry Representative

Technical Officer, Biomedical Engineer

Laytech, Inc.

Long Grove, Illinois


Carolyn N. Petersen, MS

Consumer Representative

Web Communications Consultant
Department of Public Affairs / Division of Communication

Mayo Clinic

Rochester, Minnesota