Circulatory System Devices Advisory Panel Meeting

      March 17, 2005


Panel Roster



William H. Maisel, M.D., M.P.H.

Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Boston, MA


Voting Members

Richard L. Page, M.D.

University of Washington School of Medicine

Seattle, Washington


John C. Somberg, M.D.

American Institute of Therapeutics

Lake Forest, IL




Jeffrey A. Brinker, M.D.

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Baltimore, MD


Thomas G. Brott, M.D.

Mayo Clinic

Jacksonsville, FL


Henry Halperin, M.D.

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Baltimore, MD


Alfred Hallstrom, Ph,.D.

University of Washington

Seattle, WA


John Marler, M.D.

National Institutes of Health

Rockville, MD







Norman S. Kato, M.D.

Cardiac Care Medical Group

Encino, CA


Myron Weisfeldt, M.D.

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Baltimore, MD


Industry Representative

Michael C. Morton

Medtronic, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN


Consumer Representative

Linda Mottle, MSM-HSA, RN,  CCRP 

GateWay Community College

Phoenix, AZ


Executive Secretary

Geretta Wood

Food and Drug Administration

Rockville, MD