Food and Drug Administration


Center for Biologics and Evaluation


Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee


Committee Roster


Chair                                                               Acting Executive Secretary

Gary D. Overturf, M.D.                         William Freas, Ph.D.

Expertise:  Pediatrics                                             Center for Biologics Evaluation & Research

Term:  02/23/02 – 01/31/06                                  Food and Drug Administration

Professor of Medicine                                              1401 Rockville Pike (HFM-71)

Division of Infectious Diseases                       Rockville, Maryland  20852

University of New Mexico School of                      301-827-0314

Medicine                                                          fax 301-827-0294

Ambulatory Care Center, 3rd Floor             

2211 Lomas Avenue, N.E.

Albuquerque, New Mexico  87131


Michael D. Decker, M.D.**                                    Monica M. Farley, M.D.

Expertise:  Infectious Diseases                       Expertise:  Bacterial Infectious Diseases

Term:  06/20/01 – 01/31/05                                  Term:  02/01/04 – 01/31/08

Vice President                                                  Professor of Medicine

Scientific and Medical Affairs             Department of Medicine

Aventis Pasteur                                     Emory University School of Medicine

Discovery Drive                                        VA Medical Center

Swiftwater, Pennsylvania  18370              Research – Infectious Diseases (151)

                                                                        1670 Clairmont Road

Ruth A. Karron, M.D.                                       Atlanta, Georgia  30033

Expertise:  Pediatrics & Infectious Dis.  

Term:  02/01/03 – 01/31/07                                  Philip S. LaRussa, Ph.D.

Associate Professor                                              Expertise:  Pediatrics/Virology

Division of International Health              Term:  02/01/04 – 01/31/08

Johns Hopkins University School of                      Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Hygiene and Public Health                            Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

624 N Broadway/Hampton House Rm 117            Columbia-Presbyterian Hosp PH4, W4-462

Baltimore, Maryland  21205                          622 West 168th Street

New York, New York  10032









David Markovitz, M.D.                            Peter Palese, Ph.D.

Expertise:  Infectious Diseases                       Expertise:  Molecular Biology

Term:  02/22/02 – 01/31/06                                  Term:  06/21/01 – 01/31/05

Professor                                                          Chairman and Professor

Division of Infectious Diseases                       Department of Microbiology

Department of Internal Medicine                      Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

University of Michigan Medical Center            New York University

1150 West Medical Center Drive, Rm 5220    One Gustave L. Levy Place

Ann Arbor, Michigan  48109                          New York, New York  10029


Cindy Lyn Province, R.N., M.S.N. *                     Walter Royal, III, M.D.

Expertise:  Consumer Representative              Expertise:  Infectious Diseases/Neurology

Term:  05/14/03 – 01/31/05                                  Term:  02/01/03 – 01/31/07

Associate Director                                                Associate Professor of Medicine

Bioethics Center of St. Louis                            Morehouse School of Medicine

P.O. Box 6134                                                 720 Westview Drive, S.W.

Chesterfield, Missouri  63006                          Atlanta, Georgia  30310


Richard Whitley, M.D.                          Bonnie M. Word, M.D.

Expertise:  Pediatrics & Infectious Dis.            Expertise:  Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Term:  09/10/01 – 01/31/05                                  Term:  02/01/04 – 01/31/08

Professor                                                          Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Pediatrics, Microbiology and Medicine            Baylor College of Medicine

Department of Pediatrics and Microbiology            Texas Children’s Hospital

University of Alabama at Birmingham            Clinical Care Center

Suite 616, Children’s Hospital                        6621 Fannin Street, Suite 1740.01

1600 7th Avenue South                           Houston, Texas  77030

Birmingham, Alabama  35233             















*Consumer Representative

**Industry Representative