Food and Drug Administration

Food Advisory Committee

Nutrition Subcommittee

April 27-28, 2004

Briefing Information

Table of Contents (HTM) (PDF) (Word)

Re-Evaluation of Low Fat Criterion for Heart Disease Health Claims (HTM) (PDF) (Word)

Claims That Can Be Made for Conventional Foods and Dietary Supplements (

Final Rule - Trans Fatty Acids in Nutriton Labeling ( ) @ 41434

ANPRM and ANPRM (reopening of comment period) - ( -  @ 41057 and (

FR Notice - Meeting notice - (

Written Comments

Comments by B. Sachau (PDF)

Comments by Fred Kummerow, University of Illinois (TXT)

Comments From Grocery Manufacturers of America, Alison Kretser, MS, RD (Word)

Comments by Mary Enig, PhD, Weston A. Price Foundation (HTM)