Principles of Medical Research

Clinical Trial Registry


Eli Lilly and Company is committed to principles of medical research that define the ethical conduct, funding, and communication of clinical research. Lilly conducts clinical research with the highest standards of scientific integrity and respect for patients. Lilly discloses publicly all medical research results that are significant to patients, health care providers or payers – whether favorable or unfavorable to a Lilly product - in an accurate, objective and balanced manner in order for our customers to make more informed decisions about our products.  The standards described below represent our commitment to serve patients through transparent and comprehensive disclosure of clinical research results of all our marketed products.


Standards for Disclosure of Lilly Clinical Trial Results:

Regardless of outcome, Lilly commits to disclose publicly the results of all trials on marketed products for which Lilly is the sponsor. This includes the results of all Phase I (early exploratory), Phase II (proof of concept), Phase III (registration), and Phase IV (post-marketing) trials conducted anywhere in the world.