Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 10:52 AM


Subject: Servent, et als

Hi,  This is to advise you that I have just learned about the discontinuation of Servevent, albuterol and other inhalents that I at 72 have found to be the only medications that control my asthmatic problem.  I have been hospitalized many times and even intubated until finally this medication was given to me.  I have been able to exercise and do ballroom dancing even competition dancing.  I am now told that you are the culprit behind this move.  The chemicals that are in the aerosols are found in the flatulence of animals, pine trees and other natural forms.  You have hair sprays, insecticides, etc where you could start.  This is a life threatening problem for me.  I would like your input as to how I can continue to get this medicine. I am thinking about seeing a lawyer about possible recourse.