Pediatric Ethics Subcommittee of the Pediatric Advisory Committee


DoubleTree Hotel, Regency Room

1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland 20852


"Effects of a Single Dose of Dextroamphetamine in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; A Functional Magnetic Resonance Study "


Agenda for September 10, 2004

8:30-3:30 pm



8:30      Call to Order, Introductions                                      Meeting Chair


            Meeting Statement                                                     Jan Johannessen, PhD

                                                                                                Executive Secretary


8:40            Subpart D Expert Panel Process                         Bernard Schwetz, MD

Director, Office of Human Research Protection


Sara Goldkind, MD, MA

Bioethicist, Office of Pediatric Therapeutics, FDA



9:00            Overview, Charge to Panel and Final Outcome            Meeting Chair


9:20            Background on ADHD/Protocol Overview                Judith L. Rapoport, MD

                                                                                                Principal Investigator, NIMH


9:40      IRB Comments                                                      NIMH IRB Rep


10:00    Break


10:15            Summary of Submitted Public Comments                  Meeting Chair                                                               

10:45    Open Public Hearing


11:45    Lunch                                     


12:45            Questions                                                                  Meeting Chair


12:50    Panel Discussion                                                      Subcommittee Members


2:45      Break


3:00            Summary of the Deliberations                                      Meeting Chair


3:30      Close