Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee

June 12, 2003




Consultant (voting)


Theodore G. Tong, Pharm.D.
Arizona Poison Control System
Associate Dean, College of Pharmacy

University of Arizona           

Mable & Warner Streets, Room 341

Tucson, Arizona  85721



Guest Speakers (non-voting)


Anthony S. Manoguerra, Pharm.D.

Director, San Diego Division

California Poison Control Center  

Professor of Clinical Pharmacy

University of California-San Diego Medical Center

200 West Arbor Dr.

San Diego, California 92103-8925


            William O. Robertson, M.D.  

            Medical Director, Seattle Poison Center/      

Washington Poison Center     

Professor, Department of Pediatrics

University of Washington
155 NE 100th Street, Suite 400
Seattle, Washington 98125-8011



Tomas Jose Silber, M.D.

Director, Adolescent Medicine Fellowship Program

Director, Office of Ethics

Professor of Pediatrics, George Washington Univ. Children's National Medical Center                   

111 Michigan Avenue, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20010


Milton Tenenbein, M.D.

Professor of Pediatrics, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Medicine and Community Health Sciences         

Director, Manitoba Poison Control Centre

Director, Emergency Services, Children’s Hospital, Winnipeg

University of Manitoba          

Children's Hospital

840 Sherbrook Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba      R3A 1S1      


Acting Industry Representative (non-voting)


George A. Blewitt, M.D.

6902 St. Annes Drive

Fayetteville, Pennsylvania  17222