CHAIR                                                                       EXECUTIVE SECRETARY


Roy M. Gulick, M.D., M.P.H.                         10/31/03                 Tara P. Turner,  Pharm.D.

Associate Professor of Medicine                                                               Advisors and Consultants Staff

Weill Medical College of Cornell University                                             HFD-21

Director, Cornell Clinical Trials Unit                                        Food and Drug Administration

Box 566                                                                                                  5600 Fishers Lane

525 East 68th Street                                                                      Rockville, Maryland 20857

New York, New York  10021                                                            (301)827-7001        Fax: (301)827-6776                                                                                                                        e-mail:




Consumer Representative                     10/31/03

Courtney V. Fletcher, Pharm.D.

Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Pharmacy Practice

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

School of Pharmacy, Campus Box C-238

4200 East Ninth Avenue

Denver, Colorado  80262


Princy N. Kumar, M.D.                                       10/31/03

Associate Dean of Students

Georgetown School of Medicine

Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases

Department of Medicine

Georgetown University Medical Center

Kober-Cogan Building, Suite 110

3800 Reservoir Road, N.W.

Washington, DC  20007


Wm. Christopher Mathews, M.D.,                 10/31/03


Director, Univ. of CA at San Diego Medical Center

Owen Clinic

Professor of Clinical Medicine

Mail Code 8681

200 West Arbor Drive

San Diego, California  92103-8681


Sharilyn K. Stanley, M.D.                        10/31/03

Associate Commissioner

Disease Control and Prevention

Texas Department of Health

1100 West 49th Street

Austin, Texas  78756







Victor G. DeGruttola, Sc.D.                                10/31/04

Professor of Biostatistics

Harvard School of Public Health

677 Huntington Avenue

Building 2, Room 439A

Boston, Massachusetts  02215-6096


Janet A. Englund, M.D.                                       10/31/04

Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center

Division of Infectious Diseases

4800 Sand Point Way N.E., CH-32

Mailstop #8G-1

Seattle, Washington  98040


Lauren V. Wood, M.D.                                       10/31/04

Senior Clinical Investigator

HIV and AIDS Malignancy Branch

National Cancer Institute

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Bldg. 10, Rm. 10S255

10 Center Drive

Bethesda, Maryland  20892-1868


Victoria A. Johnson, M.D.                      10/31/06

Associate Professor of Medicine and Microbiology

University of Alabama at Birmingham

School of Medicine

Division of Infectious Diseases

THT 229, 1530 3rd Avenue South

Birmingham, Alabama  35294


Kenneth E. Sherman, M.D., Ph.D.      10/31/06


Hepatology and Liver Transplant Medicine Section

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

231 Albert B. Sabin Way

Medical Science Building, Room ML 0595

Cincinnati, Ohio  45267