Joseph M. Wagner

Age 44

Allergic Asthmatic since age 3


I was on clinical trial, phase 3 during 1998-9.


Here’s my story…


Allergy induced asthma has been a part of my life since I was 3 years old.  Airborne allergens such as trees, grasses, dust, and mold are big triggers as well as animal dander, especially cats and dogs.


Back in 1998, I found out about the trial of Xolair and qualified as a candidate for the phase 3 trial.  After my first shot, I knew early on whether I had received the real stuff or the placebo.  About a week after the shot, I visited my brother-in-law with our family.   They had 2 hound dogs in the house.  My usual preparation for these visits would be to have my rescue meds on hand, prednisone and nebulizer treatments.

It usually took 15 minutes or so to start to feel the effects of the dog dander, which meant I sat outside the house to get away from the dogs while my family visited inside.


Well, on this visit, I noticed that after 15 minutes, nothing happened.  No tightness in my chest, no increased congestion.  Nothing!!!  After 30 minutes, still no signs of asthma.  I was getting excited!  In fact, by the end of the weekend, I was playing with the dogs with no ill effects.  It was like my allergy switch had been turned off.


I also noticed that the high pollen times of year were not bothering me.  My wife noticed that I wasn’t clearing my throat as much as I had been before Xolair.  Much less post nasal drip!!


Even after I had stopped the treatments mid 1999, I felt some benefit for until about 2001 when my allergic symptoms started to resume. 


I can’t wait for Xolair to come out on the market.  It changed my life to asthma free, without all the side effects of the meds that I had to come to rely on to live an asthma free life. 


By the way, I am not being funded by any drug company for my testimony or enthusiasm about Xolair.