FEBRUARY 14, 2003


Food Advisory Committee

February 24 - 25, 2003 Meeting



Sheraton College Park Hotel

4095 Powder Mill Road

Beltsville, Maryland 20705



February 24, 2003


8:30            Welcome and Introductions   

                        Dr. Sanford Miller

                        Chairman, Food Advisory Committee (FAC)


8:45     Conflict of Interest Statement

                        Ms. Catherine DeRoever

                        Executive Secretary, FAC


8:50            Opening Comments

                        Mr. Joseph A. Levitt

                        Director, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

                        Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


9:00            Development of the Acrylamide Action Plan

                        Dr. Terry Troxell

                        Director, Office of Plant and Dairy Foods and Beverages, CFSAN


9:20     Report of the Contaminants and Natural Toxicants Subcommittee (CNTS) Findings

                        Dr. Henry Kim

                        Executive Secretary, CNTS


9:40            Questions of Clarification


10:00   Break


10:20   Revised Action Plan

                        Dr. Terry Troxell


11:00            Questions of Clarification


11:30   Lunch (on your own)


12:45   Adduct Studies

                        Dr. Tim Fennell

                        RTI International


1:15            Questions of Clarification


1:30            Mechanisms of Formation

                        Dr. David Zyzak

Procter & Gamble


2:00            Questions of Clarification


2:15     Break


2:35     Exposure Assessment

                        Dr. Donna Robie

Office of Food Additive Safety, CFSAN


3:35            Questions of Clarification


3:55            Reduction Strategies

                        Dr. Steve Saunders

Frito Lay


4:25            Questions of Clarification


4:45     Public Comment


5:15            Adjourn



February 25, 2003


8:30     Call to Order

                        Dr. Sanford Miller

                        FAC Chair


8:40     Animal Studies and Human Health Consequences

                        Dr. Sorell Schwartz

                        Georgetown University School of Medicine


9:10            Questions of Clarification


9:30            Acrylamide Toxicity:  Research to Address Key Data Gaps

                        Dr. Stephen Olin

                        International Life Sciences Institute


10:00            Questions of Clarification


10:15   Break


10:30            Potential Implications

Dr. David Acheson

Office of Science, CFSAN


10:45            Questions of Clarification


11:00            Summary, Charge and Questions

                        Dr. Terry Troxell


11:15   Public Comment


11:45            Discussion


1:00     Lunch (on your own)


2:00            Committee Recommendations


3:45            Adjourn