Counter-terrorism at FDA


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Counter-terrorism at FDA


FDA mandate: counter-terrorism

FDA mandate: counter-terrorism

FDA Counter-terrorism Strategic Plan

FDAs CT activities pre/post September 11, 2001

Counterterrorism Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Deterrence, detection, investigation and interdiction: safety and security of FDA regulated products

Goal 2: Medical countermeasures

Goal 3: Emergency preparedness and response

Goal 4: Radiation safety

Organization of FDA Counter-terrorism activities

Office of the Commissioner: Office of Crisis Management

Organization from the outside: CT queries to FDA

Organization from the inside: CT Steering Committee

FDA scientific issues in Counter-terrorism

FDA: Scientific issues in CT

Biological Agents: Category A US CDC, 1999

Medical countermeasures: drugs and biologics

Medical countermeasures: ciprofloxacin for anthrax

Ciprofloxacin Trough Concentrations - All

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Ciprofloxacin safety

Medical countermeasures: diagnostic devices

Food security: test methods development

Radiation safety

Conclusion: FDA counter-terrorism programs

Author: Andrea Meyerhoff