Food and Drug Administration

Ophthalmic Devices Panel

August 2, 2002


Use of the Kona Noncon-Robo Specular Microscope in Clinical Research, Dr. Henry Edelhauser, Phd and Ramzy Azar, MPH, Emory U. Eye Center  htm  ppt

Clinical Specular Microscopy Corneal, Bernard McCarey, PhD, Emory U. Eye Center  htm  ppt

Cataract Formation After Implantation of Phakic Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lenses, Dr. Liliana Werner, MD, PhD, Storm Eye Institute Group   htm   ppt

Second Generation Collamer TM Fyodorov Lens   htm  ppt

Phakic Posterior Chamber IOLs    htm  ppt

Phakic Cadaver Eye (horizontal meridian)   htm  ppt

Forms of Cataract   htm  ppt

P970043/S10 Alcon LaDARVision Excimer Laser System, FDA   htm  ppt