Design Issues in Antimicrobial Treatment Trials of AOM


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Table of Contents

Design Issues in Antimicrobial Treatment Trials of AOM

Markers of Antimicrobial Effectiveness

Design Issues

Acute Otitis Media in the US

Bacteriology of Severe and Mild AOM

AOM: Clinical Response to Placebo or Amoxicillin

OM Severity Affects Bacteriological & Clinical Cure Rates Without Treatment

Clinical vs. Bacteriologic Outcomes in 293 Children with Bacterial AOM

WHY Bacteriological / Clinical Discordance?

Persistent Symptoms During Treatment

Respiratory Viruses Contribute to Bacterial AOM & Cause AOM Independent of Bacterial Pathogens

The OM Continuum

AOM Risk Factors

Child Care Effect on OM: % URIs Complicated by OM

Prevalence of Pneumococcal Carriage Among Day Care Center Children With 3 Cases of MDRSP-14 Meningitis (DCC-A)

Risk Factors* for OME Persistence After AOM Treatment * Bilateral AOM, Day care , OME > 4 weeks

Pediatric Pneumococcal Carriage Rates

Pneumococcal Susceptibility by Specimen Source

Pneumococcal Susceptibility by Age

Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Effect on PRSP PRSP by Serotype in Children ɝ Years U.S. 1998


Author: G. Scott Giebink