Arthritis Advisory Committee

July 30, 2002


Pain, Dr. James Witter, MD, PhD, FDA  htm  ppt

The Essentials of "Dosing Interval",Dr. Larry Goldkind, MD and Dr. Dennis Bashaw, PharmD, FDA   htm  ppt

Safety in Analgesia Trials, Dr. M. Lourdes Villalba, MD, FDA  htm  ppt

Outcomes in Randomized Controlled Trials in Pain: A Proposed Responder Analysis, Dr. Vibeke Strand, MD, Stanford U.  htm  ppt

Pain, Dr. Lee Simon, MD, FDA  htm  ppt

Open Public Hearing

Multi-dose Analgesic Development in Acute Pain, Dr. Najib Babul, PharmD, TheraQuest Biosciences  htm  ppt

Characterizing the Properties of a Treatment, Dr. Eugene Laska, PhD  htm  ppt