Food and Drug Administration

Arthritis Advisory Committee

July 29, 2002


Pain, Dr. James Witter, MDD PhD, FDA  htm  ppt

1992 Analgesic Guidance and Current Issues, Dr. Christina Fang, MD, FDA  htm  ppt

Comments on: The Guideline for the Clinical Evaluation of Analgesic Drugs, Dr. Sharon Hertz, MD, FDA  htm  ppt

Pain-Basic Science Implications for Analgesia and Analgesics, Clifford Woolf, Mass. General Hospital & Harvard Medical School  htm  ppt

Chronic Pain, Dr. Lee Simon, MD, FDA  htm  ppt

Back Pain - Chronic Issues, Dr. David Borenstein, MD, George Washington U. Medical Ctr.  htm  ppt

Pain, Dr. James Witter, MD  PhD, FDA  htm  ppt

Opioid Toxicity, Dr. Nathaniel Katz, MD, Harvard Medical School  htm  ppt

Time-Specific Measurements vs. Time-Weighted Average for Pain in Chronic and Acute Analgesia Trials, Dr. Laura Lu, PhD, FDA  htm  ppt

Open Public Hearing

Analgesic Drug Development for Chronic Pain, Dr. Najib Babul, PharmD., TheraQuest Biosciences  htm   ppt

Development of New Guidelines for Analgesics/Drugs Intended for the Treatment of Pain, Dr. Kenneth Verburg, PhD  htm  ppt

How to Demonstrate Efficacy of Regimen in Chronic Pain at Week W, Dr. Eugene Laska, PhD, NY  htm  ppt

Make Analgesic Approval Trials More Useful to Clinicians, Dr. Daniel Carr, MD Tufts-New England Medical Ctr.  htm  ppt

Nosology of Chronic Pain, Methodology of Efficacy Trials, and Long-term Safety, Dr. Thomas Schnitzer, MD, PhD, Northwestern U. Feinberg School of Medicine  htm  ppt