Food and Drug Administration

Anesthetic & Life Support Drugs Advisory Committee

May 16, 2002


General Regulatory Issues in the Development of Drugs Intended for Treatment of Chronic Illness, Dr. Sharon Hertz, MD, FDA   htm  ppt

Specific Clinical/Regulatory Issues in Development of Drugs for Peripheral Neuropathy and Neuropathic Pain, Dr. Gerald Dal Pan, MD, MHS, FDA  htm  ppt

Diabetic Neuropathy, Dr. Eva Feldman, MD  htm  ppt

Electrophysiological Tests Used in the Evaluation of Peripheral Neuropathy and Neuropathic Pain, Dr. David Cornblath, MD, Johns Hopkins   htm  ppt

Neuropathic Pain: Is It All the Same from a Treatment Perspective?, Mark Rowbotham, MD   htm  ppt

Evidence That Supports Separate Neuropathic Pain Indications, Dr Robert Dworkin, PhD  htm  ppt

Open Public Hearing

Analgesic Drug Development for Neuropathic Pain, Dr. Najib Babul, PharmD, TheraQuest Biosciences   htm  ppt