Diabetic Neuropathy


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Diabetic Neuropathy

Myelinated Neuron

PNS Anatomy

Diabetic Peripheral Nerve Damage

Neuropathic Symptoms and Signs

PNS Anatomy

Neuropathic Symptoms

Neuropathic Signs

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

San Antonio Consensus Statement

DCCT Design

DCCT Neurological Outcome

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Aldose Reductase and Alcar Trials

Sural Nerve Biopsies in Man

Axon Counts in Human Sural Nerves

Axon Loss in Diabetic Neuropathy

Aldose Reductase: Zenerstat

Change in NCS: Sural and Composite with Zenarestat

Change in Nerve fiber Density with Zenarestat

Zenarestat Increases the MNFD for Small Myelinated Fibers

Aldose Reductase: Zenerstat Phase III Trial

Nerve Growth Factor

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Change in the Lower Limb NIS With NGF

Changes in CDT and HPT in the hNGF-Diabetic Neuropathy Study

Nerve Growth Factor Phase III

Measures in Current and Proposed Trials

Measures in Current and Proposed Trials

Clinical Endpoints

Entry Criteria

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