Pharma Manufacturing


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Pharma Manufacturing

Starting Point

Improving the Economics of Compliance

Our Business Environment - Tough & Getting Tougher

Shareholder Returns - Falling

R&D Productivity - Falling

Window of Exclusivity - Decreasing

Pharma Manufacturing - Unmet Performance Expectations


Our Findings - Problems Start in Development

Three Keys to Unlocking the Potential for Improvement

EXAMPLE: Value Added -vs- Non Value Added Process Time

EXAMPLE: See It to Fix It - Value-Added Time Only 3 Days!

Measurement Shows Potential for Improvement

EXAMPLE: Traditional MRP II Measurement - For Accountants.

EXAMPLE: Measuring for Productivity - Reveals Potential

EXAMPLE: Sigma - Getting it Right First Time.

Measure Process Spread & Variability

Calculating The Purely Business Benefits

A Thought Experiment - 5 Sigma Pharmaceutical Production

Benefits - Increased Effectiveness of Compliance Infrastructure


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Author: Doug Dean