Study 310: Univariate Logistic Regression - RAPA Group


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Study 310: Univariate Logistic Regression - RAPA Group

Study 212 Enrolled 19.1% Black Patients

Study 212: All 13 Eligible Black Patients Successfully Eliminated CsA

Study 212: Similar Rates of Acute Rejection at Months 2 and 12

Study 212: Significantly Higher Calculated GFR at Month12 in the RAPA Group, Black Patients

Study 212: Numerically Lower BP in RAPA Group - Black Patients

Study 212: Patient & Graft Survival (%) By Ethnic Origin: Month 12

Study 310: No (S.D.) Difference in CADI Score at 1 Year

Renal Function (Observed Mean) Patients With Biopsy Vs No Biopsy

Study 310: Nonrandomized Patients (Ninety-Five Discontinued Prior to Randomized at Month 3)

Study 310 Adverse Events Leading to Discontinuation Prior to Randomization at Month 3

Study 310: 70% of Patients With Acute Rejection Prerandomization Eventually Randomized

Study 310 Nonrandomized Patients: Other causes of discontinuation

Study 310: No Rejections in RAPA Group: 12-24 Months

Renal Function at 12 Months Predicts Long Term Graft Survival

Study 310: Predicted Long Term Graft Survival Better with RAPA

Slope of 1000/Creatinine All Data Between 6 and 24 Months

Slope of 1000/Creatinine All Data Between 12 and 24 Months

Study 310 Histologic Grade of First Biopsy Confirmed-Acute Rejection by Grade: 12 Months

Study 310: Decreasing Doses of CsA in RAPA Group With Time to First Rejection

Study 310 Thirty-One Patients Discontinued at the 3 Month Visit (Days 75-140)

Study 310: Lower Mean Serum Potassium (mmol/L) Levels Following Cyclosporine Withdrawal

Study 310: Mean Sirolimus Troughs/Levels and Doses Through 24 Months

Study 310: Lower Serum Creatinine Following CsA Elimination - Completers Through 24 Months

Study 310: PK-PD Analysis Confirms Flexibility of the RAPAMUNE - CsA Combination

Studies 207 Plus 210: Lipid Levels vs RAPA Trough Concentrations

Studies 207 Plus 210 SGPT Values

Study 207 Concentration - Effect

Author: Maureen Galie