Guest / Industry Participants (9/23/02)

10/21/02 - Monday

Thomas Layloff, Ph.D.
Principal Program Associate
Center for Pharmaceutical Management
Management Sciences for Health
5 Thomas Court
Granite City, Illinois 62040-5273

Thomas Garcia, Ph.D.
Pfizer Inc.
Eastern Point Road
Groton, CT 06340

Tobias Massa, Ph.D.
Exec. Director Global Regulatory Affairs
EIi Lilly & Co.
Lilly Corporate Center - 2522
Indianopolis, IN 46285

Kenneth R Morris, Ph. D.
Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy
School of Pharmacy, 1336 RHPH rm G18B
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN, 47907-1336

Harry G. Brittain, Ph.D.
Center for Pharmaceutical Physics
10 Charles Road; Milford NJ 08848

Leslie Z. Benet, Ph.D.
University of California, S.F.
Dept of Biopharmaceutical Science
533 Parnassus Avenue Z-68
San Francisco, CA 94143-0446

10/22/02 - Tuesday

Gerry Migliaccio

Steve Bende, Ph.D.

Michael S. Korczynski, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President/General Manager
Mikkor Enterprises, Inc.
341 Signe Ct
Lake Bluff, Illinois 60044-1219


Government Participants:

Marilyn Welschenbach. Ph.D. (OPS liaison)

Helen Winkle

Ajaz Hussain, Ph.D.

Lawrence Yu, Ph.D.

David Hussong, Ph.D.

Peter Cooney, Ph.D.

Yuan-yuan Chiu, Ph.D.

Vilayat Sayeed, Ph.D.

Frank Sistare, Ph.D.

Robert Osterberg, Ph.D.

Richard Friedman

Joseph Famulare