General Public:



William Rice, MD, is currently a practicing community radiologist.  He has had extensive training and experience not only in conventional diagnostic radiology, specifically mammography, fluoroscopy, and computed tomography, but also in radiation therapy.  He is Board certified by the American Board of Radiology.  Prior to entering private practice he served in the Department of the Army's Medical Corp.



Lawrence Rothenberg, PhD, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Ctr – as a Medical Physicist, Dr. Rothenberg has an extensive background in radiation protection and measurement relating to diagnostic radiological imaging.  He has worked extensively in mammography and CT, investigating equipment performance and patient dosimetry.  He has made many contributions on the subjects of equipment quality assurance, radiological health, and professional practice.  He is an Assistant Professor at Cornell Univ Medical Coll., and is a Fellow of the AAPM, ACR, and ACMP.



Robert Pleasure, JD, Center to Protect Workers’ Rights – Mr Pleasure has extensive experience in industrial labor law and labor relations, both in the academic field and as an attorney representing labor organizations.  He is a member of the Labor & Industrial Relations Advisory Boards at both Cornell Univ and Rutgers Univ.  He also serves on the Environmental Mgmt Advisory Board of the Worker Health & Safety Committee, U.S. Dept. of.Energy, and is Principal Investigator for the National Cooperative Agreement (NIOSH-CPWR) on Intervention and Surveillance Research, Safety and Health in the Construction Industry.



Jane Benson, MD, currently practices medicine at Johns Hopkins, where she is also Assistant Professor of Radiology and Pediatrics.  Dr Benson did her internship at Children’s Hosp in Cleveland and is strongly interested in children’s health.  She has co-authored numerous papers on the subjects of both medical diagnostic imaging procedures and treatment of childhood disorders. 



Francis Gasparro, PhD, possesses extensive research experience in photobiology and photochemistry.  He has had faculty appointments in chemistry and dermatology at a variety of institutions, including Yale and Columbia.  Dr Gasparro’s interests include bioanalysis, drug delivery systems, photochemotherapy and psoralen-DNA photo-chemistry.  He currently is teaching high school chemistry and is an adjunct research professor at Thomas Jefferson Univ.







Kiyohiko Mabuchi, MD, Currently at the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics of the National Cancer Institute, Dr Mabuchi was formerly Chief of the Dept. of Epidemiology at the Radiation Effects Research Laboratory in Japan.  He is an experienced researcher who has published extensively on the etiology of cancer and the long term health effects of the atomic bombing of Japan.



Jill Lipoti, PhD, Directs the Radiation Protection Program for the New Jersey Dept. Of Environmental Protection.  Dr. Lipoti has twenty years of experience working with the regulated community, researchers, govt. officials, and the public addressing issues such as the safe use of medical diagnostic x-rays,  radioactive materials licensing, nuclear power regulation, laser safety, and training for employees working in hazardous environments.



W. Gregory Lotz, PhD, currently with the Division of Biomedical & Behavioral Science, at the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health.  Dr Lotz is responsible for planning and supervising research programs in the health effects of noise & nonionizing radiation and managing operations of the Physical Agents Effects Branch.  He has been an active researcher into the physiological responses of exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF) & radio frequency (R/F) radiation for over two decades, and was at the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory prior to joining NIOSH.



Maureen Murdoch Nelson, MD, MPH, Minneapolis VAMC, Dept of General & Internal Medicine – Dr Murdoch Nelson is currently Core Investigator at the Center for Chronic Disease Outcome Research and is an Asstistant Professor at the Univ of Minnesota School of Medicine.  She formerly was Asst Director of Primary Care Clinics at the Minneapolis VAMC.  Dr Murdoch Nelson has done research involving infectious diseases, outcomes related to immunization programs, post traumatic stress disorder in military veterans, and violence against women.



Michele Loscocco, MS, Medical Service Corps, U.S. Navy, M.S. Biomedical Eng – Currently is Chief of the Imaging & Telemedicine Branch, Joint Readiness Clinical Advisory Board.  She also is an Assistant Prof of Radiology/ Nuclear medicine at the Uniformed Services University for the Health Sciences, and was formerly a staff physicist at the National Naval Medical Center, where she was responsible for the diagnostic radiology quality assurance program, including MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Radiographic, Fluoroscopic, and ACR accreditation for mammography units.









Alice Fahy-Elwood, MS, is currently responsible for radiation safety at a major corporate R&D facility.  Non-ionizing radiation is emphasized, including lasers and the performance of ELF/ VLF hazard analysis in lab and office environments.  She is responsible for providing guidance and instruction on personnel safety.  Her background includes optical systems design and medical ionizing radiation.  She has experience with clinical radiation oncology, radiobiology, occupational dosimetry, and radiation surveying techniques.



Quirino Balzano, PhD, is currently Director of the Motorola Florida Electromagnetics Research Laboratory.  He has been with this organization for twenty five years, and previously served as manager of Communications Systems research activities.  He has written over fifty papers on R/F dosimetry near electromagnetic sources, as well as the biological effects of R/F energy, and holds many patents in signal processing and communications technologies.  He previously worked for the Raytheon Company, where he was involved in research & development of planar and conformal phased arrays.



John Sandrik, PhD, is an expert in medical imaging physics.  He has research experience with both radiographic screen/ film imaging and fluoroscopy.  He has participated in the development of IEC and NEMA performance standards and has advised on regulatory safety standards for radiological imaging devices.  He currently supports the mammography manufacturing, sales, and service staff for his company and has been involved with the development of a full field digital mammography system.



David Lambeth, PhD, Lambeth Systems Design & Consulting Group – Dr Lambeth is principally engaged in the development of magnetic materials, thin film material structures, sensor devices & electronic circuits. He is also a Prof of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Matls Science & Engineering at Carnegie Mellon Univ., and was formerly Assoc Director of the Data Storage Systems Ctr at Carnegie Mellon.  Dr Lambeth is on the board of directors of Intevac, which is involved in the manufacture of hard disk media.  He formerly was head of the Magnetic Materials Laboratory at Eastman Kodak.



Michael Caswell, PhD, following receipt of his PhD in biochemistry, Dr Caswell did post-doctoral work at Yale.  He subsequently has worked for companies which manufacturer dermatological products, including Unilever and Schering-Plough, and is knowledgable about the effects of various products on the skin.  He has experience also studying the effects of untraviolet radiation on the skin and with the use of  both sunscreens and tanning accelerators.