Food and Drug Administration

Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee

September 19, 2002

Open Public Hearing

Safety Issues Related to Acetaminophen, Statement of the American Pharmaceutical Assoc., Dr. Susan Winckler, MD  pdf

Submission of the National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE), William Bullman, M.A.M.   pdf

Presentation by Kate  pdf

Statement on behalf of the American Liver Foundation (ALF) by Dr. Caroline Riely, MD, U. of Tennessee College of Medicine   pdf

Statement on Safety Issues Related to Acetaminophen, Dr. Peter Lurie, MD MPH, Public Citizen's Health Research Group   pdf

Statement by Dr. Louis Lasagna, Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Studies   doc

Letter from Dr. Laurie Young, OWL The Voice of Midlife and Older Women    pdf

Statement of The Importance of Acetaminophen in Self-Management of Pain Among Older Americans, Daniel Perry, Alliance for Aging Research   doc

Comments by Dr. John Coster, PhD, RPh, National Assoc. of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS)    doc

Letter from Michael Carius, MD, FACEP, American College of Emergency Physicians   doc

Letter from Sherrilynne Almeida, Emergency Nurses Association (ENA)   doc

Letter from Eileen Sandifer, CPNP, MSN regarding Acetaminophen   pdf

Letter from Dr. Richard Roberts, MD, JD American Academy of Family Physicians   pdf

Letter from Dr. Willis Maddrey, MD regarding FDA Review of Acetaminophen labeling   doc

Statement by Christine Miaskowski, RN PHD, FAAN, American Pain Society   pdf

Statement by Dr. John Dent, SVP, Consumer Healthcare, GlaxoSmithKline   pdf