Review of Developmental Pharmacology


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Table of Contents

Review of Developmental Pharmacology

Goals of Presentation

The Developmental Continuum

Pharmacotherapy and the Developmental Continuum

What are the Key Developmental Issues Involved in Determining…

Acquisition of Functional Drug Biotransformation Activity

CYP3A7-CYP3A4 “Switch”

Phenytoin Elimination in Newborns

CYP1A2: Theophylline Metabolism

PPT Slide

Fractional Recovery of Major DM Metabolites

Metabolite “Shunting”

Potential Consequences of “Route Switching”

Potential Consequences of “Route Switching”

“Increased” Clearance or Metabolic Activity During Maturation

Distribution of Theophylline Dosage Requirements Milavetz et al. J. Pediatr. 109: 351-4, 1986

Cyclosporine Dosing in Children and Adults

CYP3A4 Activity in Children: Carbamazepine

Normalized S-Warfarin Clearance

Liver Mass:Body Weight Change with Age

Normalized Antipyrine Clearance Murry et al., Drug Metab Disp 23:1110, 1995

Points to Ponder



Author: J.S. Leeder, PharmD, PhD