Pediatric Subcommittee of the

June 28, 2001


Application of the 1998 Pediatric Rule to Oncology, Steven Hirschfeld, MD PhD   ppt   htm

Challenges and Considerations, Victor M Santana MD   ppt   htm

Challenges and Considerations in Linking Adult and Pediatric CNS Malignancies, Henry S Friedman MD, The Brain Tumor Center at Duke   ppt   htm

Sarcomas: Perspectives and Background, Michael Link MD, Stanford University   ppt   htm

Soft-Tissue Sarcomas:  Should they be defines by patient age, histologic type, or neither?, Robert S Benjamin MD, The SARCOMA Center, Texas Medical Center   ppt  htm

Genetics of Adult Lung Cancer, Frederic J Kaye MD, Genetics Branch, CCR, NCI and National Naval Medical Center   ppt   htm

Neuroblastoma and Small Cell Carcinoma of the Lung (SCLC) Differences and Similarities, C Patrick Reynolds, MD PhD, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles   ppt   htm

Perspectives on CNS Malignancies, Susan M Staugaitis, MD PhD, Cleveland Clinic Foundation   ppt   htm