April  26, 2001


In the Best Interests of the Public Health ...   Janice Soreth, MD, FDA   ppt   html

Drug-Induces QT Interval Prolongation and Torsades de Pointes, Jeremy N Ruskin MD   ppt  html

Macrolide Antibodics and Torsadede Pointes Postmarketing Analysis, Douglas N Shaffer, MD MHS & Sarah J Singer RPh   ppt   html
Revised Version   ppt   html

Clinical Efficacy, Oral Telithromycin, George Rochester PhD  CCRN, FDA  ppt   html

Telithromycin (KETEK), Drug-Resistant S. pneumoniae, Alma C Davidson, MD  ppt   html

Telithromycin (KETEK), General Safety Profile, David Ross, MD PhD, FDA   ppt   html

Hepatic Effects of Ketek (Telithromycin), Edward Cox, MD MPH, FDA   ppt  html

Drug-Induced Liver Disease, Zachary D Goodman MD, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology   ppt   html

Aventis Pharmaceuticals   ppt   html