Joint Meeting - Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee &

Pulmonary - Allergy Drugs Advisory Committee

May 11, 2001

Petition 98P-0610/CP1 - submitted by Blue Cross of California requesting
fexofenadine hydrochloride, loratadine and cetirizine hydrocholoride be switched to OTC status


Welcome and Introduction to Today's Issues, Charles Ganley, MD, FDA     ppt   htm

Petition to Convert Claritin, Allegra and Zyrtec to OTC Status, Robert Seidman, PharmD, MPH, WellPoint Health Networks   ppt   htm

non-Sedating Antihistamines RX-to-OTC Switch, Francois Nader, MD, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc   ppt   htm

Response to Petition, Robert J Spiegel, MD, Schering Plough   ppt   htm

OTC Considerations, Cazemiro R Martin, FDA   ppt   htm

Clinical Perspective on Citizen Petition, Robert J Meyer MD, FDA   ppt   htm

Cost-effectiveness of converting non-sedating antihistamines from prescription to over-the-counter status, Michael B Nichol PhD   ppt   htm