January 18, 2001


Charge for Topic 1

Questions for Topic 1

Suitability of Blood & Plasma Donors Who Traveled or Lived in BSE Countries: Further Consideration, David M Asher, MD, CBER

Canadian Assessments & Policies Concerning Deferral of Blood Donors Who Resided or Traveled in BSE/vCJD Countries, Antonio Giulivi, MD, FRCPC, Canada

Consumption of Beef from the United Kingdom by Service Members in Europe, 1980-1996, COL G. Michael Fitzpatrick, MD, ASBPO & COL Scott R Severin, DVM, DODVSA, Office of the Army Surgeon General

Estimates of US Blood Donors Who Traveled/Resided in Countries Exposed to BSE During 1980-1996, Alan E Williams, PhD, American Red Cross etc.

Blood Data, Paul R McCurdy, MD

Aggregate Travel in the UK and France, David Gaylor

Charge for Topic 2

Questions for Topic 2

Suitability Determination for Donors of Human Cells, Tissues, & Cellular & Tissue-Based products: CJD and vCJD, Ruth R Solomon, MD, CBER

Infectivity of Tissues & Fluids of Humans with Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies, Clarence J Gibbs, Jr PhD, NIH

Clinical & Experimental Transmission of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease by Corneal Transplantation, R Nick Hogan, MD, PhD, Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical School

Cornea CJD Risk Assessment, Sensitivity Analysis of the Risk Model, Rolf E Taffs, PhD, CBER

Donor Screening for TSE: Safety & Supply of Corneal Transplants, David B Glasser, MD, Eye Bank Association of America

The Risk of nvCJD in Recipients of Hematopoietic Cell Transplants & the Impact of Deferring Donors from the UK, Dennis L Confer, MD, National Marrow Donor Program

AATB Donor Screening Standards & History Questionnaire, Duke Kasprisin, MD