Open Public Hearing Speakers

PCNS June 6, 2001

Xyrem®, Orphan Medical


All speakers have been asked to limit their comments to five minutes. All have also been asked to disclose any potential conflicts of interest before they begin their statement.


Sharon Fitzgerald, Littleton, Colorado

Abbey S. Meyers, President, National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc®

Robert L. Cloud, Narcolepsy Network, Inc.

Cindy Pekarick, Pennsylvania

Eric Strain, M.D., College on Problems of Drug Dependence

Deborah Zvorsec, Ph.D., Hennepin County Medical Center, Minnesota

Trinka Porrata, California

Richard Gelula, Executive Director, National Sleep Foundation

Matt Speakman, West Virginia

Charles Cichon, President, National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators

Debbie Alumbaugh, Florida

Brian Hunter, Young Adults With Narcolepsy

Joe Spillane, Pharm.D., Florida