Xyrem Consultants for PCNS June 6, 2001


Pippa Simpson, PhD (statistician and on drug abuse committee)

Arkansas Children’;s Hospital

Department of Pediatrics

Care Unit – South Campus

1120 Marshall Street

Little Rock Arkansas 72202-3591


Carol Falkowski, Ph.D.

Hazelden Foundation

P.O. Box 11

15245 Pleasant Valley Road

Center City, MN 55012-0011


Christine A. Sannerud, Ph.D

Drug Sciences Specialist

Drug and Chemical Evaluation Section

Office of Diversion Control

Drug Enforcement Administration

Washington DC 20537


Jerry Frankenheim PhD

Pharmacologist & Program Official


Room 4282, MSC 9555

6001 Executive Blvd

Bethesda, MD 20892-9555 (or Rockville, MD 20852 for express/courier)

Direct to desk 301 435-1312

BNRB office 301 443-6975

Fax 301 594-6043



Jo-Ellen Dyer, Ph.D.

San Francisco General Hospital

1001 Potrero Street

San Francisoco, CA 94110-3518


Sleep Experts:


Christian Guilleminault, M.D.

Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic

701 Welch Road, Suite 226

Palo Alto, California 94304


Ronald Chervin, M.D.

Sleep Disorders Clinic

8D 8702 University Hospital, Box 0117

1500 E Medical Center Dr.

Ann Arbor, MI 48109 - 0117

University of Michigan


April 26, 2001