Food and Drug Administration

Blood Products Advisory Committee

December 14, 2001

Briefing Information

Topic III. Human Cells, Tissues and Cellular and Tissue-Based Products: Risk Factors for Semen Donation

Introduction and Background, Antonio Pereira, MD, FDA  [pdf version] [htm version] [Word version]

Incidence and Prevalence of HIV, HBV, HCV and Other STDs Among High Risk Groups, Linda A Valleroy, PhD, CDC   [ppt version] [htm version]

Human Herpesvirus 8 (HHV-8) as an Emerging Pathogen: Relevance to Semen Donation, Michael J. Cannon, Ph.D., CDC  [ppt version] [htm version]

Draft - The biology of window period infections: implications for donor screening and inventory hold, Dr. Steven Kleinman  [ppt version] [htm version]

Fundamental Cryobiology of Human Spermatozoa and its Relationship to Artificial Insemination Outcomes, John K. Critser, Ph.D., Director, Comparative Medicine Center, Gilbreath-McLorn Professor of Comparative Medicine, University of Missouri-Columbia  [pdf version] [htm version] [Word version]

Achieving Pregnancy Using Fresh Versus Cryopreserved Semen for Donor Insemination, Emmet J Lamb MD (New 12/10/01) [ppt version] [htm version]

Annotated bibliography of studies in the meta-analysis, Emmet J Lamb MD  (New 12/10/01) [Word version] [htm version] [pdf version]

Complex Meta-Analysis Table, Emmet J Lamb MD (New 12/10/01)  [xls version] [pdf verison]

Bibliography  Topic III [pdf version] [htm version] [Word version]

Open Public Hearing

September 8, 2001 Letter to the Blood Products Advisory Committee from Leland Traiman, RN/FNP  [pdf version]

December 28, 1999 letter to Dockets Management Branch, Docket Number 97N-484S, from Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. from Doni Gewirtzman  [pdf version]

May 17, 1999 Letter to the Editor [pdf version]

Sperm Literature Review   [pdf version]

Study of HIV Incidence, Leland Traiman RN/FNP, Fred Strauss, MD, Steward Blandon, MD  [pdf version]