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September 10, 2001

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Clinical Trial Designs for First-Line Hormonal Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Clinical Trial Designs for First-Line Hormonal Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer, FDA Presentation Susan Honig, M.D.   ppt   htm   pdf

NDA 21-236 IntraDose (Cisplatin/Epinephrine Injectable Gel)

Matrix Pharmaceutical Inc.


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Errata for Background Document   pdf   htm   doc

Appendix 1:  Treatment Goal Questionnaire and Patient Benefit   pdf   htm

Appendix 2:  Individual Outcomes of Therapy   pdf   htm

Appendix 3:  Primary Study Results Before and After Amendment V   pdf   htm

Appendix 4:  Treatment Outcomes: Stratum 3   pdf   htm

Appendix 5:  Supportive Clinical Studies   pdf   htm

Appendix 6:  Proposed Labeling   pdf   htm

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Synopsis Patient 414-5348   pdf   doc

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Synopsis Patient 514-2660   pdf   doc

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Clinical Pharmacology/Biopharmaceutics Review   pdf   htm

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Summary of Statistical Review and Evaluation   pdf   htm