The N43.17 subcommittee held three meetings since last year's TEPRSSC meeting, resulting in as many drafts. The first two meetings were held in Rockville, MD on August 28-29, 2000 and November 13-14, 2000. The last meeting was held at the Health Physics Society Mid-year Meeting in Anaheim, CA on February 6, 2001. While in California the subcommittee also visited the US Customs operation of a body scanner at LAX Airport and toured the Rapiscan plant in Hawthorne (Rapiscan is a manufacturer of security scanners). Radiation surveys of different models of scanners were made at both locations. Prior to the subcommittee meeting, a presentation on the status of the standard was given at the HPS Mid-year conference. The text of this presentation is included in the information package. The talk was well received by those in attendance and no objections to any part of the draft standard were voiced.


The Anaheim meeting was meant to be the last meeting before submitting a final draft to the main committee. Holding the meeting on the West Coast and in conjunction with the HPS conference allowed for a somewhat different group of attendees than the previous two meetings. Consequently, some topics were revisited and discussed at length, resulting in some changes. The main changes consist of the removal of explanatory discussions from the body of the standard to a new appendix and the replacement of required operator limits with a discussion of operator doses and pertinent recommendations. The latter was necessitated by the need to be consistent with other standards and OSHA regulations.


The main work that remains to be done is to incorporate the changes that were already agreed upon by the subcommittee. It is hoped that this work can be finalized by e-mail, without the need for another meeting. If so, the draft will then be submitted to the main N43 committee for comment and balloting. This is somewhat behind schedule since the planned submission date was 12/00. However, the planned publication date of 6/02 remains the goal of the subcommittee.