May 24, 2001

The Antihypersensitive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial (ALLHAT)

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Appendix 1E - "ACC Clarifies Clnical Alert on Alpha Blockers for Hypertension Treatment," March 23, 2000   pdf

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Appendix 2A - Preferred Terms Identified to be Reported in Clinical Trials Tables   pdf

Appendix 2B - List of Doxazosin Protocols with Released Databases (N=271)   pdf

Appendix 2C - Treatment emergent, All Causality Incidence of Selected Cardiovascular Events, By Protocol ID   pdf

Appendix 3 - Review of Pfizer Early Alert Safety Database   pdf

Appendix 4 - Drug Safety Research Unit, DOXAZOSIN, PEM Report Number 17, January 1995*

Appendix 5A - References   pdf

Appendix 5B - References   pdf

Appendix 6 - Statement from the External Advisory Committee, Medical Therapy of Prostatic Systems (MTOPS) Trial Concerning ALLHAT Report on Effect of Alpha-Blocker on Cardiovascular Disease Events Telephone Conference Call of April 25, 2000   pdf



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