Tentative Agenda for November 13, 2001


8:00 Opening (Dr. John Doull & Ms. Kimberly Topper)

8:15 Report of the Expert Group on Biomarkers of Cardiac Damage (Dr. Ken Wallace, Univ. of Minnesota)

9:00 Report of the Expert Group on Vasculitis (Vascular Damage) (Dr. William

Kerns, Pharma Consulting, Inc.)

9:00 Break

9:20 Subcommittee Discussion

10:00 Subcommittee Oversight & Reporting (Dr. John Doull, Dr. Kenneth R. Tindall,

Dr. James T. MacGregor, Ms. Helen Winkle)

11:00 Public Comment

12:00 Subcommittee Discussion

12:15 Closing