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Roaccutane Action Group

Accutane and Side effects

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Scientific Literature Reports on Accutane and Psychiatric Disorders

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Study on link between various Acne medications and Psychiatric illness

Table 1 Worldwide psychiatric ADR reports Number of people prescribed Accutane worldwide - 6 million Number of people prescribed the other 5 Acne meds. - 300 million

Table 2 UK ADR data (source MCA) Data for Roaccutane cut-off date July 1999 Earliest Reaction date February 15 1993

Conclusion of Study

Number of Accutane Adverse Drug Reactions Worldwide


Label Warnings

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FDA Warning re Misleading Advertising

Notice to Dermatologists following increased label warnings

Advertisements in Irish Medical Journals

Sale of Accutane on the Internet

Dose response study of 13-cis-retinoic acid in acne vulgaris Jones, D.H., King, K., Miller, A.J. and Cunliffe, W.J. British Journal of Dermatology 108, 333-343, 1983

Further Studies


Author: Pat Walsh